Rich Eisen


Rich Eisen is the Host of his own wildly successful simulcast TV/Radio show aptly named The Rich Eisen Show. He is also the face of NFL Network and is their lead anchor on the Combine coverage, Draft Coverage and their pregame shows. Rich Eisen can be heard every weekday on the Rich Eisen Show or on this episode of Forward Pass Thinking Audio Content. @RichEisen

EP 93: FPT: Rich Eisen talks about the NFL Draft and more


Dr. Dave  Dameshek


Comedy writer turned football podcaster, Dave Dameshek is never at a loss for words. Whether he is debating which jerseys look the best or just plain who looks the best, Dameshek is always a fun listen. You can hear Dameshek twice a week on his podcast The Dave Dameshek Football Program or on these episodes of Forward Pass Thinking Audio Content. @Dameshek


EP 44: St. Jude one year anniversary super show


Erin Coscarelli


Erin is half of the fun that can be seen every Wednesday on NFL Blitz. This USC grad brings her winning personality to everything she touches. @ErinCoscarlli

EP84:FPT: Erin Coscarelli talks about the NFL Combine, Free Agency and more!

EP92: FPT: Marc Sessler + The Marvel/NFL Draft


Marc Istook 


Marc is the other half of NFL Blitz and keep your ears peeled because you just might hear his voice when you least expected it. Marc's resume is incredibly impressive but his most impressive feature is his smile. @MarcIstook

EP10: Marc Istook, Down With Damon and Game Picks with ROSSDAWG

EP12: Nintendo Top 5 + NFL Game Picks

EP 30: Marc Istook Talks About Tony Romo

EP 44: St. Jude one year anniversary super show

EP65: Marc Istook talks about Russell Wilson, the MVP candidate

EP92: FPT: Marc Sessler + The Marvel/NFL Draft


Marc Sessler


This proud Cleveland Browns fan is easily the most prolific guest on Forward Pass Thinking Audio Content. Sessler has many interests outside of football whether it be poetry, art or family, but this doesn't take away from the fact that Marc has one of the sharpest football minds on the planet. @MarcSesslerNFL

EP 3: Marc Sessler/ Game Picks With David Rossi

EP11: Marc Sessler/Game Picks with ROSSDAWG

EP12: Nintendo Top 5 + NFL Game Picks

EP21: Marc Sessler + Game Picks

EP28: Marc Sessler

EP34: Our friends talk about Tom Brady

EP44: St. Jude one year anniversary super show

EP 51: Marc Sessler talks about Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson and the dumbest thing he (almost) ever did and much more

EP92: FPT: Marc Sessler + The Marvel/NFL Draft


David Baker

The only thing bigger than David Baker (6'9") is his love for football. Since being name the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Baker hasn't been afraid to shake up the status quo. One of his many projects is the Hall of Fame Village. A 'small city' that will tend to the needs of former football players. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in good hands with this forward thinker.

EP 40: David Baker talks about the Pro Football Hall of Fame and RossDawg talks about divisional winners


Jim O'Heir.jpg

Jim O'Heir


Outside of being everyone's favorite punching bag on Parks and Rec, Jim was also the very first guest on Forward Pass Thinking Audio Content. @JimOHeir

Jim O'Heir Interview


Patrick Claybon



When you are looking to find out the NFL's latest news look no further than Patrick Claybon. As the host of NFL Network's Up To The Minute program Clybon is always privy to the lastest breaking NFL news. Fun Fact: Patrick Claybon holds the title as Forward Pass Thinking's most handsome guest. @PatrickClaybon

EP 48: Patrick Claybon talks number 1 and number 2


Matt Harmon


Matt Harmon is a hipster with a dog. Backyard Banter is his blog. But what really makes Harmon shine is his work with Next Gen stats (Which at some point I assume will become Current Gen Stats but that hasn't happened yet.) Fun Fact: Matt Harmon has appeared on both of Forward Pass Thinking's Super Bowl post shows. @MattHarmon_BYB

EP24: Matt Harmon+RossDawg's Goodbye

EP 44: St. Jude one year anniversary super show

EP 79: FPT: Matt Harmon talks about the Super Bowl


Laurie Fitzpatrick


Laurie is the host of Ponytails Talking Pigskins where she gets you ready for every Jaguars game. Make sure you follow her on twitter to watch her expert film breakdowns. @LarieFitzptrck

EP 52: FPT's MySpace top 8 quarterbacks

EP 61: Laurie Fitzpatrick talks about the NFC

EP72: FPT: Divisional round preview and letters to Jonders

EP 74: Championship Week hosted by the champion

EP78: FPT: Super Bowl super show

EP92: FPT: Marc Sessler + The Marvel/NFL Draft



Adam Rank


TV funny man Adam Rank isn't just funny, he is also one of TV's leading fantasy football experts.@AdamRank

Adam Rank/ Week 4 Picks

EP 39: Adam Rank talks about Tom Brady and life