Week One Power Rankings

Okay, this is a little disingenuous on my part. The old bait and switch. 

I think that NFL power rankings are ... useless. No offense to people in the industry who painstakingly put together their own rankings. I know how hard they are working, but I mostly subscribe to the Bill Parcell "You are what your record says you are!" theory. 

Anywoo, I will still be putting out power rankings weekly. Mostly they will be football adjacent, but this week we are gonna venture off into tv land (the place, not the station) and I will be ranking the top 5 tv show theme songs. 

1) The Animaniacs 

Probs the catchiest song is the history of man! Maybe that's a tad hyperbolic, but all said this song does what all great theme songs should do: it puts you in a good mood and reminds you why you love the show. Also, this is the best version of the type of theme song that explains the plot. Even in a very meta way! AND Bill Clinton plays the sax. What a get!

2) The Office

If you ever watch The Office with the captions on you then realize how utterly depressing most statements are right before it cuts to the theme song and the captions then read "UPBEAT MUSIC". This alone doesn't make for a great theme song, though. Momelodicas do. 

3) The Dick Van Dyke Show

Short and sweet. Also, who doesn't love to see wheater or not Dick Van Dyke will trip or not. 

4) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL! Maybe the best theme song of all time at explaining the plot of the show. Also, quite possibly the best use of autotune of all time. 

5) The Andy Griffith Show

I could write a few sentences here, but if you click play you will be whistling this ditty all day. 

Honorable Mention 

I would love to have forced this on to the list but it's more of a closing credits thing than a theme song so I had to put it here. Coolest dance in TV history. And Lou Albano has some interesting theories about people who use drugs

Disagree with my list? Tweet me @JondersFPT and tell me which song you think were omitted.